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Barcelona seeds

Barcelona seeds established since 2003, with passion inorder to fillfull customer needs in middle east and europe. Barcelona seeds produce hybrid seeds with wide range of vegetables and fruits.

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Contact us so we can offer you a wide variety of high quality seeds to grow your success

Quality inside

Quality is our address, We are in Barcelona Seeds building our priority for Quality as it is our main target to get and mentain.

Research always ahead.

Beside the Quality eye, The seconed eye is focused on research also, So many efforts are spended to keep your success ahead.

Why Choose Us

What makes us different

Buy Quality before seeds, We offer our partners the best Seeds Quality by long term relationship by same Quality and leading material also.

We always looking forward to keep developing our material range and specification to keep leading while nature and climate changing.

We in Barcelona Seeds focusing to serve our partners in many regions with developing efforts in many crops and specifications also.

We always represent ourselves as technical team before busniess, As we follow our partners with all support needed to keep fulfilment experience to success always near.